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Why scoping first can ensure better long-term adoption of Power BI

Read time: 3 minute

Pain points can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to prioritise them. Do you know what you want to accomplish, but lack a strategy to get there? You’ve come across solutions, but aren’t sure which one to choose and how to get the most out of it? Adopting Power BI with our BeScope Solution is the […]

Data Safety When Working With a Power Platform Specialist

Read time: 4 minute

As the speed of digital transformation quickens, the desire for new apps and automation is at the forefront of that shift. Low-code technology is being adopted by an increasing number of organisations to enable them to design customised solutions to suit their business objectives.  However, along with the advantage of generating solutions faster, the danger […]

6 Reasons to Work with a Microsoft Gold Partner

Read time: 5 minute

Most organisations will invest a lot of time and effort into doing research on a chosen product or platform. But what about the partner who they are trusting to work on the platform? We’d venture to say this is an area that gets a little less attention…and even sometimes completely overlooked.. Any partner you work […]

It will soon be even easier to migrate from Excel to the Cloud with Power Fx

Read time: 4 minute

Microsoft has announced that it is to roll out ‘Power FX’ across its Power Platform. What is Power FX? Power FX is to be the new low-code language that will be used to express logic across the entire Power Platform. This language is inspired by Microsoft Excel, and currently underpins canvas Power Apps. When going […]

Why It May Be Time to Move to the Cloud From Excel

Read time: 5 minute

Most small businesses often start out using Excel for their accounting and data management needs. However, this strategy is only doable up to a point.  Although the popular spreadsheet application can do a large number of tasks and is easily available worldwide. It isn’t a long-term solution. This is because while the program itself is […]

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