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How to Create a Chart in Excel

Read time: 1 minute

Creating a chart in Excel allows you to visualise your data and make more sense of it. Here’s how to create a chart. Highlight the required data Select ‘Insert’ to choose either a chosen chart, or a chart type recommended by Excel Insert the chart Add titles, axis labels and colours for professionalism Excel offers […]

How to do IF Function Excel

Read time: 1 minute

The IF function in Excel can be very helpful for data analysis and conditional formatting. Below is an example of a way that the IF function can be used. The general formula for an IF function is: =IF(cell value, “value if true”, “value if false”) . For a value “greater than” you use > For […]

Import Data in Excel

Read time: 1 minute

Working with Excel inevitably means handling data, but sometimes this data comes from a source other than Excel. This can be from a text file, word document, webpage or any other source. Usually copying and pasting data doesn’t format correctly, leading to errors and poor data security. In the example below we are trying to […]

How to Manually Enter Excel formulas

Read time: 1 minute

If you have a large amount of data that you need to find the sum of, rather than doing =SUM(C3+C4+C5) etc. there is a much quicker way to manage your data. By using the formula =SUM(C3:C21) you are automatically including every cell between and including C3 to C21. Then press enter and your sum will […]

How to do Conditional Formatting in Excel

Read time: 1 minute

Conditional formatting in Excel allows you to format a single cell or group of cells according to the data within them. In Excel you can chose to format a cell with highlights, data bars, colour scales or icons due to the rules that you can set; ultimately opening up endless data visualisation possibilities. If you […]

15 Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Read time: 2 minutes

There are over 200 Excel keyboard shortcuts, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the most useful ones.   Next worksheet / Previous worksheet Sometimes you need to switch between different worksheets in the same workbook. You can do this by using: Control + Page Down (Windows) Or Fn + Control + Down arrow […]

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