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Outdated workbooks, across multiple spreadsheets meant Adidas experienced problems with accuracy and efficiency on their product distribution system.


The European size disribution system was rebuilt using VBA to enable better business decisions to be made. The optimised workbooks eliminated all errors and improved overall efficiency.

The challenge

Adidas were using multiple outdated workbooks to distribute different size products across Europe. Their large workbooks were having a noticeable detrimental effect to overall business output.

Mairi Scholes, the Director of Marketing Operations approached Bespoke in the hope that they could provide a solution that would better manage product distribution across various European locations. It would also need to include the capacity to handle multiple variables such as product sizes, styles etc.


From the client

“The team at Bespoke Excel were amazing in providing us with a solution for our business that worked locally and across Europe. The result was a format which is still being used today, I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.”
Mairi Scholes, Director Marketing Operations, Adidas Group


Once understanding the scope of the challenge at hand, the Bespoke team discussed and reviewed the most effective course of action. The solution was built using VBA to optimise their outdated workbooks and minimise the number of workbooks they had to use.

Maria continued that “the tool has hugely improved overall efficiency and time savings related to workbook management, thus increasing time actually benefiting from available data, rather than admin. All errors have been eliminated, with tailored error handling allowing the users to see when invalid items have been selected.”

70 percent

Workbook size decreased by 70%

100 percent

Errors eliminated