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Bespoke’s CTO Breaks Down ChatGPT: What it Means for the Tech Industry

Read time: 2 minutes

Our Chief Technology Officer Adrian gives us his thoughts on ChatGPT … “ChatGPT has been getting a lot of coverage recently following the announcement that Microsoft is in talks about acquiring a 49% stake in the company behind it, Open AI. This isn’t a new approach for Microsoft, more of an ongoing strategy.  Microsoft invested […]

5 Power BI Examples to Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Read time: 5 minutes

Business today relies heavily on data. In fact, 90% of business analysts and business professionals say that data and analytics are essential to their organisation’s digital transformation initiatives. Yet many businesses still struggle to utilise their data effectively.  Data is powering everything we do these days, so understanding it is crucial if you want to […]

Team Bespoke: Meet Beckie

Read time: 4 minutes

Name: Beckie Role: Chief Operating Officer What is your job title and in summary, what do you actually do? Chief Operating Officer – I am responsible for delivery at Bespoke. This includes: What I do differs every day, which is why I like it. I coach, support, and challenge our team in each of the […]

Bespoke Appoints New COO to Facilitate Next Stage of Growth

Read time: 2 minutes

In order to further expand Bespoke’s operational capabilities, Rebecca Boocock has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this role, Rebecca will play a crucial part in building on key operational processes, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the business.   For Power Platform experts Bespoke, the newly created position of COO is […]

Do More With Less Using Microsoft’s Power Platform

Read time: 4 minutes

Running a business isn’t easy! A successful business relies on a harmonious flow of processes – otherwise, productivity suffers. Software is no exception. Failure to align your systems leads to wasted time and money, as well as frustrated employees. In fact, a whopping  62% of remote workers want their employers to provide better technology.  Fragmented […]

Scale Quicker With A Power Platform Adoption Strategy

Read time: 3 minutes

For industry leaders, Microsoft Power Platform is becoming the next-generation suite for automation and productivity. With nearly 16 million monthly active users, it has revolutionised productivity gains for organisations worldwide, increasing by 97% year over year.   By leveraging Power Platform, companies are generating data, creating apps, and automating processes without relying on IT/ Development Teams. […]

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