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The key to successful Power Platform adoption

Pulse is an 8-week framework providing you with everything your organisation needs to adopt the Power Platform, in a scalable way.

Our simple three-stage formula covers; adoption planning, enablement, and action – and we guide you through each one, so that you have the strategy, the knowledge and the value from which you can guarantee your organisation’s long-term digital success, through leveraging the Power Platform.

Our experience has shown us that without a strategic approach to Power Platform adoption, many organisations don’t use it to its full potential, with some hardly using it at all. Yet, with a framework in place, organisations and their teams can fully understand the wider capabilities the Power Platform offers, so they can benefit from enhanced insights, smarter processes and scalable solutions.

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Who is it for?

Our framework has been designed to help organisations fully adopt and embed the Power Platform within thier business. These organisations generally fall into one of two categories:

• Those looking at digital transformation, but not sure what tech is required to support it

• Those committed to adopting the Power Platform, but need help on the optimum way to do so.


The three key areas of Pulse

Pulse is split into three key areas, each lasting four weeks: Adoption Planning, Enablement and Action.

Power Automate

Adoption Planning

Week 1 – 4

Key people are identified, technical readiness assessed, and detailed workshops are conducted to fully understand business needs and challenges



Week 5 – 8

Total immersion into the technical aspects of Power Platform, where we train and coach you on how to plan, design and deploy solutions



Week 9 – 12

Using the defined strategy and skills gained, we then work with you to create an instantly usable solution, which adds real business value

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