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Financial Forecasting & Modelling Made Easy with the Power Platform

Read time: 4 minute

Financial forecasting and modelling are crucial parts of any business’s financial plan. And having the right tools makes all the difference. With digital transformation on the rise, traditional tools like Excel are becoming less and less popular. So it comes as no surprise that organisations are ditching their old financial planning software and turning to […]

Exploring the Offline Capability of Microsoft Power Apps

Read time: 2 minute

By Adrian Cole – CTO I was intrigued to see the recent announcement of the general availability of Power Apps for Windows.    Announcing general availability of Power Apps for Windows | Microsoft Power Apps  There are a couple of reasons why I think this is significant: Having worked on projects which have required solutions to […]

How PowerApps Can Transform The Healthcare Industry – 8 Power Apps Examples

Read time: 4 minute

These past couple of years have been turbulent for the healthcare industry. Not only have providers had to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have also had to transform how they manage and deliver their services.  The whole world moved online in the space of a few months. So, it’s no surprise that many healthcare […]

Microsoft Power Apps Recognised as Leading Low-Code Application Platforms

Read time: 3 minute

It’s widely known that Microsoft’s Powerapps platform is rapidly becoming the primary way for businesses to automate processes, modernise their legacy apps and solve business problems at scale, all while saving money and streamlining their processes. In fact, so many businesses stand by the potential of Powerapps that 92% of the world’s Fortune 500 are […]

Power Apps: Canvas vs Model-Driven

Read time: 4 minute

More and more, businesses are turning to Power Apps as a way to create custom apps to suit their internal business needs. Power Apps is a low-code Microsoft tool that enables users to design and develop apps by dragging and dropping components into a flowchart-style formation. There are two main types of Power Apps you’ll […]

Get Inspired with PowerApps: 6 PowerApps Use Cases

Read time: 4 minute

Microsoft’s PowerApps technology is taking the business world by storm lately. Not only does it help save significant time, money and resources, it also allows organisations to keep a hands-on approach to the app development process. But what exactly can you do with PowerApps, and how can you tell if it’s right for your business? […]

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