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Power Automate Custom Connectors and What They Can Do for You

Read time: 4 minute

Imagine if every employee had their own Personal Assistant. One that reduced their workload, and never made mistakes. Sounds too good to be true (right?) Well, with Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow), they can! This nifty bit of tech handles all of the time consuming but necessary tasks everyone struggles with, freeing up time for […]

Using RPA in Power Automate

Read time: 3 minute

Power Automate is Microsoft’s innovative solution that enables you to automate various workflows using no or low-code technology, saving precious time and streamlining business processes. But the benefits of Power Automate are no longer limited to users of the Power Platform. Now, Windows 10 users also have the option to automate personal desktop flows using […]

10 Ways You Should Be Using Power Automate

Read time: 6 minute

Ever feel like you’d get so much more done in the day if it weren’t for all those dozens of small yet necessary tasks? Or do you ever wish that those annoying little repetitive actions you have to do each week could all just…do themselves? Microsoft Power Automate is a tool designed to do just […]

5 Reasons to Use Data Automation

Read time: 4 minute

The amount of data generated, consumed and handled on a day-to-day basis is bigger than ever before. ‘Big data’ has transformed business practices, to the point where a company’s use and collection of data can be integral to its success. More data of course means more processing, which can significantly add to your company’s workload. […]

Business automation – how does it impact overall performance

Read time: 2 minute

  When it comes to efficiency, there are always cases where automation can be implemented. The question is, is going through the trouble even worth it? There are multiple benefits that must be taken into consideration, some of which can be tricky to measure, albeit that can have a noticeably real impact on business. We’ve […]

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