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A Day in the Life of a Lead Power BI Developer 

Read time: 4 minute

To give you an idea of what it’s like working at Bespoke, in particular within our Business Intelligence team, we asked one of our Lead Power BI Developer’s to walk us through what a typical day looks like! 8:45am – Log on  I start by logging on a little early to check my emails and […]

Financial Forecasting & Modelling Made Easy with the Power Platform

Read time: 4 minute

Financial forecasting and modelling are crucial parts of any business’s financial plan. And having the right tools makes all the difference. With digital transformation on the rise, traditional tools like Excel are becoming less and less popular. So it comes as no surprise that organisations are ditching their old financial planning software and turning to […]

5 Power BI Examples to Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Read time: 5 minute

Business today relies heavily on data. In fact, 90% of business analysts and business professionals say that data and analytics are essential to their organisation’s digital transformation initiatives. Yet many businesses still struggle to utilise their data effectively.  Data is powering everything we do these days, so understanding it is crucial if you want to […]

How Power BI in Healthcare is Reshaping the Industry

Read time: 4 minute

Today, healthcare organisations are producing and storing more data than ever before! There are electronic medical records, lab reports, financial metrics, pharmacy reports and more. But, despite the vast amount of data available, they offer very little insightful information. This is where adopting a healthcare dashboard in Power BI is an absolute game-changer! Not only […]

Big companies adopting Power BI

Read time: 4 minute

What is Power BI? Designed to help your organisation become more data-driven, Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for business intelligence. Customised, visual dashboards can be created with Power BI’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature, and reports can be published fast and easily. Who uses Microsoft Power BI? When we looked at the users […]

Replace your default tooltips with a custom tooltip on Power BI

Read time: 2 minute

Did you know that you can replace your default tooltips with a custom tooltip containing visuals, images, and everything a full Power BI report can have? What is a tooltip? A tooltip is a user interface element that’s displayed when a user hovers the mouse over a chart. They are useful as they provide more […]

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