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How Power BI in Healthcare is Reshaping the Industry

Read time: 4 minute

Today, healthcare organisations are producing and storing more data than ever before! There are electronic medical records, lab reports, financial metrics, pharmacy reports and more. But, despite the vast amount of data available, they offer very little insightful information. This is where adopting a healthcare dashboard in Power BI is an absolute game-changer! Not only […]

Big companies adopting Power BI

Read time: 4 minute

What is Power BI? Designed to help your organisation become more data-driven, Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for business intelligence. Customised, visual dashboards can be created with Power BI’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature, and reports can be published fast and easily. Who uses Microsoft Power BI? When we looked at the users […]

Replace your default tooltips with a custom tooltip on Power BI

Read time: 2 minute

Did you know that you can replace your default tooltips with a custom tooltip containing visuals, images, and everything a full Power BI report can have? What is a tooltip? A tooltip is a user interface element that’s displayed when a user hovers the mouse over a chart. They are useful as they provide more […]

Power BI Licenses Explained – Comparison, Costs, Features

Read time: 4 minute

Power BI is rapidly becoming the business intelligence tool of choice for a wide variety of organisations, allowing them to analyse powerful datasets and make clear insightful decisions. But with a selection of Power BI licenses available, how do new customers know which one is right for them? Here, we’re going to take you through […]

Power BI vs Tableau: Which Is Better For Your Business Needs?

Read time: 11 minute

With data visualisation and analytics becoming ever more crucial to businesses’ success, it’s only natural that the business intelligence (BI) solution market would be growing bigger by the day. From new players to established brands, how can organisations be sure they’re investing in the right tool for them? Here, we aim to help you feel […]

Why you Should Work with a Power BI Consultant on Your Data Strategy

Read time: 4 minute

It’s no secret that having properly implemented business intelligence (BI) empowers your business in endless ways – from improved decision-making to boosted sales to solving complex problems. Power BI is one such solution and has the ability to truly transform your business. However, what happens when a company doesn’t necessarily have the time or resources […]

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