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3 Fun Ways We’ve Been Playing With Data Through Power BI Dashboards

Read time: 3 minute

To those less in-the-know, data can easily come off as being quite a dry subject. Numbers? Graphs? Comparisons? Without the tools to understand or manage data’s complexities, it can all seem a little overwhelming. But when you have the power to unlock the stories data tells, it opens up a whole door of exciting narratives […]

Switching to Power BI – it’s not painful!

Read time: 5 minute

You’re probably more than familiar by now with Power BI – Microsoft’s cloud-based data visualisation and analytics tool. Whether you’re still on the hunt for a custom data management system or have decided that Power BI is for you, you may still be a little put off at the thought of actually switching. After all, […]

How Power BI can empower Healthcare companies

Read time: 3 minute

Microsoft’s Power BI uncovers data-driven insights in the healthcare industry that can improve clinical decision-making while transforming operations and outcomes. The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the healthcare industry to undergo a dramatic change in the way it works, from the reinvention of facilities to providing transparency in patient care. If nothing else, it’s been a […]

How Power BI can Benefit your Manufacturing Business

Read time: 3 minute

Microsoft’s Power BI is making it easier for manufacturers to harness their data in a matter of moments rather than months, increasing productivity and driving their business forward. But what exactly is it and why should you be making it a focus for 2021? We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Power BI and […]

What is Power BI and How can it Benefit Your Business?

Read time: 4 minute

Bespoke’s Marketing Director, Kelly Humpleby, interviews Jordan Brookes, the Commercial Director, on all things Power BI. Discover more about how the tool works and when you should consider implementing the Power Platform within your business. What is Power BI? Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. The aim that Microsoft have for […]

6 Ways Microsoft Power BI Can Transform Your Business

Read time: 4 minute

In its simplest form, business intelligence (BI) is a set of tools and technologies that can take a source of operational data and turn it into something meaningful and actionable for users. Becoming an ever-growing technology leveraged by businesses around the world, BI services are widely diversified and are helping companies make powerful decisions that […]

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