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Why scoping first can ensure better long-term adoption of Power BI

Read time: 3 minutes

Pain points can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to prioritise them. Do you know what you want to accomplish, but lack a strategy to get there? You’ve come across solutions, but aren’t sure which one to choose and how to get the most out of it? Adopting Power BI with our BeScope Solution is the […]

Why should women consider a career in Tech? 

Read time: 6 minutes

Diverse experience across a variety of industries is an asset and one that delivers a fresh perspective. Within the Technology industry, there is an initiative to balance the scales when it comes to gender inequality within Tech. As such Ingram Micro hosts a podcast, ‘Coffee With Women in Tech’ to promote and champion women already […]

Team Bespoke: Meet Dennys

Read time: 3 minutes

Name: Dennys Role: Senior Developer What is your job title and in summary, what do you actually do at Bespoke? I am a Senior Developer. Above all, my role is to develop technical solutions to complex business problems by building tools so that our customers can achieve their goals. If you could swap jobs with […]

How PowerApps Can Transform The Healthcare Industry – 8 Power App Examples

Read time: 4 minutes

These past couple of years have been turbulent for the healthcare industry. Not only have providers had to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have also had to transform how they manage and deliver their services.  The whole world moved online in the space of a few months. So, it’s no surprise that many healthcare […]

Team Bespoke: Meet Stuart

Read time: 2 minutes

Name: Stuart Role: Project Manager What is the best bit about your job? (Other than working with your team mates) I really enjoy the variety of projects and clients that I get to work with, the delivery times for our solutions tends to be very short so you are always working on something new. Where […]

Data Safety When Working With a Power Platform Specialist

Read time: 4 minutes

As the speed of digital transformation quickens, the desire for new apps and automation is at the forefront of that shift. Low-code technology is being adopted by an increasing number of organisations to enable them to design customised solutions to suit their business objectives.  However, along with the advantage of generating solutions faster, the danger […]

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