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Data capture, amalgamation and analysis

Constant analysis and refinement of data is good business practice – we work with our clients to constantly improve your existing processes.


How data refinement can support your business

Summarising and exporting data
We live and work in the age of big data. The ability to summarise and export this data in different ways is one of the most powerful tools in business today. Yet making sense of such a huge volume of information remains a challenge. It’s why efficient and accurate data analysis has never been more valuable.

Statistical data analysis
When it comes to statistical Excel data analysis and data interpretation, quality optimisation affords businesses more options than any other spreadsheet or workbook programme. Not only are these options wide-ranging, they are also incredibly useful when managed correctly and allow users to pull out the information they need within just a few clicks.


Strategic approach

Sorting data into digestible formats

With Excel, you can sort your data into intuitive columns, filter the data by specific criteria and easily apply conditional formatting to highlight key areas, values or trends within a spreadsheet; seriously optimising clarity. The ability to create pivot tables, along with forecasting in Excel is one of the most powerful data analysis features of the software, allowing users to aggregate and extract insightful information from a huge data list within seconds. Excel allows presents users with an unparalleled suite of visualisation options, so that large datasets can be transformed into easily digestible charts and graphs, which ensure your data analysis efforts do not go to waste.

Sorting data into digestible formats

Obstacles with data analysis

Process automation

Time and investment

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